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Terms of Service

Terms of service
Below are our terms of service for Wiimes Basic and Wiimes Pro Hosted Service.

All prices are excl. sales tax VAT (Value Added Tax).
Sales tax (VAT) of 25%, applies only for customers that do NOT provide a Company name,
and ONLY for customers that live within the European Union (EU).

By ordering and making a payment, your Wiimes Basic is automatic upgraded to a Pro version.
Just sign in again on the front page.
If account is not upgraded, please report this to us here.

You can pay using Credit Card or by a PayPal account.
All payments by Credit Card will be processed using a secure SSL line.
PayPal is the payment processor.

If you want to make a bank transfer/IBAN transfer or similar, please contact us here, for instructions.
IMPORTANT: Please include the email address you used when you registered/register
Wiimes Basic/Pro.
Please also specify which product you wish, and what license period.

Return of sale:
Since we offer a free trial, we don't offer return of sales.

Maximum Page Views:
If your site exceeds normal traffic limit alot, we reserves the right to ask for an additional subscription payment.
Please contact us first for very high volume sites, and we will try to find a solution.

Contact information:
Wiimes is based in Denmark in Scandinavia.
You can contact us here Contact us